Lunchtime Switcheroo

August had to work late last night, so instead of going to our usual gym across the street from our house I went to the one next to our  work.  Watching all this Olympic swimming had me really motivated to hit the pool.  Luckily for me, this gym’s pool is outside!

This pool was so much nicer than the pool I’m used to and made for a great 1200 meter swim!  I don’t know if it was the sunshine, the crystal clear water or the fact that the water didn’t have a salty taste (yes, the water at my normal gym is very cloudy and salty, gross) but I’m thinking August needs to work late more often so I can hit up this pool.


On a different note, since I try to eat somewhat healthy the majority of the time, I always, always pack my lunch to take to work.  For the past 3-4 years I’ve been taking the same thing; a frozen Smart Ones meal.

You can see the nutritional information in the top right hand corner and while it’s really not that bad, the ingredients list is about a mile long.

And it contains 620 mg of sodium, or 26% of my daily value! So, this week I decided to make my own batch of Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach.  I figured I could easily make a cheaper and healthier version of my favorite frozen meal.

I simply took 1 box of whole grain penne pasta (each serving has 6 g or 23% of my daily serving of fiber!), one bag of frozen chopped spinach, and 1 cup of skim milk ricotta cheese and mixed it all together in a big plastic container.

This made enough food for at least 5 days, and probably more like 7 days.  Now the price break down.

Smart Ones: $1.97 x 5 = $9.85

Healthy Harvest Pasta: $0.98

Frozen Spinach:  $1.35

Ricotta Cheese: $2.38/2 = $1.19 (I only used half a container)

Total: $3.52

Price difference: $9.85 – $3.52 = $6.33

I’ll take a $6.33 saving each week any day!  That’s at least $25.32 per month.

Wish I would have tried making my own lunch meals 4 years ago, could have saved myself a lot of money!

Do you pack your lunch or eat out?  If you pack, do you take frozen meals like me? 

What’s your favorite lunch item to pack?

Do you find (or think) that packing a lunch saves money?

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  2. I try to pack a lunch because I find it saves money and I eat healthier. However I just started a new job where my department eats out a lot, so I’ve been eating out more.

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