40 Minute Elliptical + Circuit Workout

Oh boy, do I have a great workout for you all today!  When I hit up the gym yesterday after work I was in the mood to spice things up just a bit.  I absolutely love doing exercises that use just my body weight, so I decided to incorporate some of those into an elliptical workout.  My 40 min workout looked like this…

This workout absolutely flew by!  Of course I probably looked like a total goober jumping on and off the elliptical every 5 minutes, but who cares.  You could easily run on the treadmill or even outside rather than ellipticaling since all of the exercises use body weight only.  And if you want to up the intensity, you could increase the resistance each time you get back on the elliptical (just for reference I started at resistance 4 and ended at 10).  This was my first time doing this type of workout but I’ll definitely be doing it more often!


August decided to fire up the grill last night since it felt like it’d been forever since we’d last used it.  On the menu: brats, broccoli, and beer.  Ok, no beer.  There hasn’t been a beer in our fridge in months.  Sort of sad for 2 20-somethings, huh?  But back to the food.  We weren’t interested in anything too complicated as August had to work late and I wasn’t feeling all that hot.

I mean, does it get any easier than that?  Nothing fancy, nothing time consuming, just threw the brats on the grill and the broccoli in the oven.

I can’t believe there was once a time I didn’t like broccoli.  I could seriously eat that stuff with every meal these days.

What’s your favorite veggie?

What’d your workout look like yesterday?

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