Weigh-In Monday Week 3

-0.2 pounds

-3.4 pounds total

I really wanted to skip my weigh-in this week. After last week I decided to stop using My Fitness Pal to track my food. If I’m being honest, I knew that seeing those red numbers to signify I had gone over my daily calories was going to make me feel guilty, even though I knew I needed to eat more. But in stopping tracking those calories, there were definitely a few nights that August and I threw caution to the wind and ate some really crappy stuff, absolutely 0 veggies involved. But that’s in the past and it’s time to get back to concentrating on fruit-filled snacks and veggie-filled dinners. Even with my crappy eating, the workouts were pretty solid.

Workouts this week:

Sunday: Rest Recover from my 3 beer hangover

Monday: 40 minute elliptical

Tuesday: Worked late, so no workout

Wednesday: WOD

Thusday: 45 minute walk with Eloise

Friday: 2 mile run + circuit

Saturday: 3.5 mile run with Eloise

Over the weekend August and I finally decided to pick the watermelon that used to be an itty, bitty tiny thing. We weren’t entirely sure how to tell if it was ripe but it sounded pretty hollow when we knocked on it and all the vines surrounding it were shriveled up, both signs it was ripe for the picking.

Unfortunately, upon cutting into it, it wasn’t quite ripe enough.

But don’t worry, that certainly didn’t stop us from eating the entire thing. :)

After devouring that watermelon I hit the gym for another swim workout. Swimming is great because there are so many different variations in length, speed, and stroke that you can do. This weekend, my workout looked like this…

1,600 yards! That much closer to my goal of 2,000. For each of the 6 50′s, 1 minute is allotted. If you’d rather swim slower and take the full minute, that’s fine, but that leaves no rest. For me, I aimed for each 50 to take ~40 seconds, leaving myself 20 seconds. I’ve decided I prefer time intervals rather than just distance because it gives me a clear goal. It’s easier to know I have 1 minute to complete it rather than say swimming 100 yards at a “hard” pace.

Anyone gotten anything good from their garden lately? When you workout would you rather have a time or distance goal?

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2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Monday Week 3

  1. i love that your listening to you, and what you think is a better choice when it comes to the fitness pal app. It’s okay to have a crappy night or two worth of eating, no one eats clean all the time.. and if they say they do, their lying :) .

    Awesome week of workouts though, good luck!

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