Trampoline Park

Last week I asked August if we could check out the trampoline park located across town.  I’m sure he was a little skeptical when I first asked, but he agreed.  So, bright and early Saturday morning August and I set out for Amazing Jump.  We wanted to get there first thing when it opened to try and avoid any large crowds.

When we walked in we were greeted by the sight of rows upon rows of trampolines.

 Eek!  I was so excited to get up there and jump and flip around.  Along with those trampolines they also had some others where you could play basketball.  My one chance to dunk!

There were lots of flips done.

And races up and down the trampoline.

And yes, we even got videos.

 Back Handsprings

August’s Front Flip

(Sorry I couldn’t get the videos to embed even though I tried for like an hour!)

After one hour we were absolutely pooped.  We were glad we decided to only pay for one hour ($10 for 1 hour or $15 for all day) rather than buying an all-day pass.  One hour was more than enough!  And I woke up the next day with some seriously sore shoulders.  I had forgotten how good of a workout jumping on a trampoline could be.  I’d take a one hour trampoline session over a 4 mile run any day. ;)

Have you ever gone to a trampoline park?

Did you  have a trampoline as a kid?  We had one in the backyard that I used to use all the time.  We even used to jump off the deck onto it.  It’s amazing no one ever broke any bones.

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9 thoughts on “Trampoline Park

  1. I’ve only ever heard of a trampoline park once.. and have been so jealous since! It seriously looks like soo much fun, and such a great workout!!

    **Yes we had a trampoline in our backyard too. I could honestly spend hours on it without even noticing. I was big into cheerleading and gymnastics, so it definitely got it’s money worth outta me :)

  2. You’ve still got the moves with the back hand springs!! And August’s front flip wasn’t shabby either! I’m glad you could get out of bed the next day though!!!!

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