Thursday Tidbits

Lots of random stuff happening around here.

1.  I received a package in the mail from my mom last weekend that contained these Trader Joe’s goodies.

Just when I thought I wouldn’t get to experience the wondrous cookie butter until Christmas, my mom comes through.  But I’m not gonna lie, Costco’s sweet potato chips are better than Trader Joe’s.

2.  Our tomato plants have so far produced about 50 tomatoes.  This is a little bit of a problem because I don’t even eat tomatoes.  I need to go in search of a kick ass salsa recipe.

3.  Our washing machine currently looks like this…

Thankfully August is a pretty good handy man and figured out what was broken.  Even better, the part to fix it only cost $1.99 on Amazon (but would have cost $55 at the store!) and should be here by Friday.  Hopefully we August has enough clothes to make it until then, because let’s be honest, I have enough clothes to last until Christmas.

4.  We had breakfast for dinner last night, and because we live in Texas we decided to make it a taco.

I swear everyone in Texas thinks everything tastes better when placed into a tortilla.

5.  When Eloise gets wet, the hair on her ears gets crimped.

She’s the perfect 80′s accessory. ;)

6.  I went to World Market for the first time over the weekend in search of a cushion for our new rocking chair.  I didn’t find a cushion but I came away with something even better.

Only my favorite snack in all the world!  My high school’s french club used to sell these as a fundraiser and ever sense I’ve been obsessed.  My friends and I even searched Paris for some of these bad boys.  Don’t worry, I bought 6 bags worth. :)

Anything random going on in your life recently?

Have you ever tried bon bons?  If not, go to World Market right now and buy some.  Strawberry is the best!

What’s your favorite candy?

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Tidbits

  1. Mmmm trader joes cookie butter!!! Soo good :)

    loveee bon bons.. i didn’t even think they existed anymore!! Since moving to Kuwait, i’m so outta the loop with all of my old yummy foods i used to loveee :(

    my favorite candy is werthers. love them.

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