Homemade Salsa

Since our garden is growing out of control, this weekend August and I set out to make some salsa using home-grown tomatoes.  I looked online through a couple of salsa recipes and all were a little more work and ingredients than we were interested in.  We wanted a no-cook, low ingredient, tasty recipe.  Turns out our favorite Royitos salsa fit the bill.

Only 4 ingredients!  Granted we weren’t sure how much of each ingredient we needed but we decided to give it a go.


50 Juliette Tomatoes

4 Serrano and 2 jalapeño peppers (this can be modified depending on how spicy you want it, but we were going for mild)

2 Lemons


We started by blending all of the tomatoes.  We used small Juliette tomatoes which is why we needed so many.  Of course, once we have a sufficient number of regular sized tomatoes we’ll use quite a bit less.

After the tomatoes were well blended, we added 4 serrano peppers (only 2 with seeds) and 2 jalapeño peppers.  At first we were nervous about the spiciness of the serranos but apparently 50 blended tomatoes masks the spiciness quite well.  We had to add a lot more peppers than I originally anticipated and we aren’t even spicy-lovin’ people!

Add in the juice of 2 lemons and a couple shakes of the salt shaker.

Blend everything together and voila, restaurant-worthy salsa.

Do you like spicy or mild salsa?  Ever made your own?

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