4th of July

Yesterday started out with an awesome workout.  Tina of Carrots N’ Cake had recently posted an at-home Crossfit “workout of the day” or WOD.  I’ve been interested in trying Crossfit but not paying the price tag (and worried I wouldn’t be “good enough”).  I figured this would be the perfect time to try one of the workouts in the comfort of my own gym with no one watching.

I knew before starting that there was next to no chance I would be able to complete 50 burpees without a break so I decided to break the exercises up 20-20-10.  Oh my word, this workout was great and kicked my butt.  That 2nd 1/2 mile was SO hard but it felt so good to not stop and push through it.  If you’ve wondered what Crossfit workouts are like I highly suggest trying this one out and checking out Carrots N’ Cake as she regularly posts the WOD’s.

After my workout it was time to get working on the snacks I was planning to bring to our evening cook out.  Last week I had seen these chocolate-covered strawberries and knew they’d be the absolutely perfect Independence day treat.

All you need are strawberries, white melting chocolate (I got mine at Michael’s), and blue sparkles.  Place the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat up until the chocolate is fully melted.  Maybe it’s just me, but I can never get melting chocolate to the correct consistency, it’s always too thick!  Anyway, once the chocolate is melted simply dip the strawberries in one at a  time and place on a cookie sheet or plate to dry.  But before they’re completely dry dip them into the blue sparkles.  Easy peasy and now you have the cutest ever 4th of July treat!


If I had just made those strawberries I would have felt quite accomplished as I don’t consider myself a cook or baker.  In the past, my contribution to cookouts would be some sort of fruit or veggie tray, no cooking or baking involved.  But apparently I was feeling ambitious (for me) yesterday cause I decided to whip up some peanut butter cookies too.  Now because August has Celiac Disease, baked goods are, well, difficult.  So when I saw these on Peanut Butter Fingers I knew that I would be making them sometime soon.  Doesn’t get much easier than 3 ingredient cookies.

 I even gave them the traditional fork marks that peanut butter cookies always have and the finished product looked like this…

 We spent the evening eating fajitas, drinking sangria, and playing redneck golf with friends.  A perfect 4th of July celebration. :)

Have you ever done a Crossfit workout on your own?  What’s your favorite holiday themed treat?

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    • In Redneck gold you throw a piece of rope (about a foot long) with a golf ball on each end and try to get it to land on a ladder rung. It’s also called Ladder Golf. It’s on par with Cornhole as far as backyard games go. This was my first time playing and it was fun!

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