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Can I just tell you guys that I am simply loving my swimming workouts these days, loving it!  It’s sort of like when you break up with someone and then get back together a few weeks later.  For the 1st month or so that you’re back together you can’t even remember why you broke up in the first place because you’re so happy.  But then, a few months pass, and all the sudden those annoying traits about them start to drive you crazy and, oh boy, you clearly remember why you broke up.  So yeah, right now swimming and I are in that just got back together honeymoon phase.  Will we break up again as we did so many years ago?  Who knows, but for now I will bask in our happy reunion. :)

If you’re like me, simply swimming back and forth for any prolonged period of time might get a little boring.  I really wanted to mix it up yesterday so before I hit the pool I wrote down a 1,500 yard workout that I knew would hold off the boredom.

On that piece of paper I had written this workout…

 -Warm up can be swum in any stroke you choose, for me I always choose freestyle.  Swim this at an easy pace.

-A 6 to 1 ladder simply means you swim 6 laps, rest 20 sec, swim 5 laps, rest 20 sec, and so forth down to 1 lap.  These should be swam at a moderate pace.

-IM order is fly, back, breast, free.  The 25 swim is all out and the 25 kick is moderate.  No rest in between strokes.

-The 50′s were all freestyle.  The 1st 50 of each set at a hard pace and the 2nd at a moderate pace. 10 sec of rest in between.

-Cool down can be swum in any stroke you like.  Similar to warm up, I always swim freestyle.

For a total of 1,500 yards this was a great workout.  It reminded me of a treadmill workout changing speeds and incline.  The time flew by!


When I got home from the gym August had already started on dinner by getting the burgers and corn on the grill.

 We paired our cheeseburgers and corn on the cob with some oven-roasted broccoli.

 Perfect recovery meal after a hard swim.

Any other swimmers out there?  Do you enjoy interval workouts?

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