My Old Kentucky Home

After a week in Kentucky we’re back in San Antonio!  We drove ALL day yesterday, leaving Kentucky at 6am and arriving home at nearly midnight.  It was a great week at home with my family.

We watched my sister play soccer.  Unfortunately her team lost.

Went to a Cincinnati Reds game.  Sadly they lost, too.

Took Eloise hiking.

Found an entire box of beanie babies in the basement…embarrassing.

And played with these 2 rascals.

I would have liked to spend another week at home and I’m feeling pretty bummed that I’m back in Texas, so far away from my family.  Hopefully one day in the not too distant future I’ll be able to move close enough that I can visit regularly rather than only twice a year.


I celebrated my 28th birthday while I was home, and one of my gifts was a fancy kabob holder that goes onto the grill.  August had been talking about making kabobs since he got the grill so this worked out perfect.

We placed cut up chicken breasts, sweet onion, green pepper, mushrooms, and yellow squash onto the sticks and placed them in the special “kabob holder”.

We made some risotto as a tasty side dish which works perfect when we’re not in the mood for plain brown rice.

These were super filling! I wasn’t even able to eat a whole one.  We will definitely be making kabobs again in the future and trying out different spices and marinades to go on the meat and veggies.

On a completely unrelated note, we spotted our 1st tomato today, woo hoo!

Before we know it we’ll be eating garden fresh tomatoes, watermelons, beans, and cantelopes!

Anyone else experience the post-vacation blues?  What’s currently growing in your garden?

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