Gardening 101

I did my first weight lifting session last night with August!  We focused on arms and shoulders and honestly, I was expecting more soreness this morning.  Guess I need to be lifting more weight!  My goal for the summer is 2 weight lifting sessions per week.  Hopefully I can stick to it.

This morning I woke up at 7am ready to run.  I got changed and as I was walking out the door Eloise greeted me.

How could I say no to that face? So, we ran about 3.5 miles.  And it was a hot one! At 7am it was 75 and super humid.  I was really sweaty and red in the face by the time we were finished.

My face is the same color as my shirt!

So nice to get my workout out of the way first thing in the morning.

August and I have now been in our new house for about a month and a half.  When we first put an application in for this house August started talking about how he had plans to plant an epic garden.  I was not so enthused.  I’ve lived in an apartment ever since I moved away to college and therefore, have never had to take care of a lawn, let alone a garden.  But the day we moved in he already had the location picked out.  Back right corner of the lawn.

We bought cantelope seeds, watermelon seeds, beans, and small tomato plants.  August tore up all the grass in the back corner, put down some dirt, and surrounded it with rocks.  The day he planted everything it looked like this…

And today it looks like this…

We have 12 tomato plants and they’re growing like crazy!  For the first couple weeks we were seriously over-watering, it’s hot in Texas we thought they needed water everyday!  Turns out, they don’t.  A good once a week soaking is all they need.  And before we knew it they were growing bunches of tomatoes!

There were a couple weeks where we thought our watermelon plant was not going to make it.  Turned out it just needed a little time before it took off.  Check out that baby watermelon!

So, the most important thing we’ve learned in our first month of gardening, even though it’s nearly 100 degrees out everyday, it’s possible to over-water!  Who knew?

While I was out examining our garden this morning Eloise was watching me from the kitchen.  Can you see her in the window?  She never wants to be away from the action!

Hope everyone is having a spectacular Saturday!

When you run do you get red in the face or just super sweaty?  Does anyone have any gardening tips?

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