Green Thumb

When we got home from work Friday night we spent some time in the backyard playing with Eloise.

We moved into our house about a month ago now and we wanted to make a nice backyard (and front but that’s a whole other story).  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the renters before us NEVER watered, and keep in mind Texas had a major draught last year, we’re talking didn’t rain for 5 straight months.  So, the fact that our yard went an entire year with virtually no water means that when we moved in everything was dead and there was no grass, just a bunch of dirt.  A lot of the landscaping wasn’t salvageable and we just ended up ripping it out, such as 3 rose bushes. :(  But after a month of hard work, things are finally starting to look up.  My flowers are blooming.

Our tomato plants are growing.

And our palm tree is looking quite lovely.

I’m thinking we must have been gardeners in a past life. ;)


We decided to hit up August’s favorite place to get gluten-free pizza for dinner, BJ’s.

This places brews their own beer and is mostly known for their deep dish pizza, but the highlight for us is their thin crust gluten-free pizza.  Just a side note, in my opinion, gluten free pizza should ALWAYS be thin crust.  Trust me, we’ve tried to make it other ways, and it just tastes weird.  I started off with a nice glass of root beer, as it’s made in house.

August got a pepperoni gluten-free pizza and I got a calzone.  Unfortunately my camera died before they arrived to the table so there’s no photo.  But they were super tasty!

For now we’re off to bed because August surprised me with season passes to Fiesta Texas!

So excited to ride some roller coasters tomorrow!

Do you enjoy doing yard work?  When was the last time you went to an amusement park?

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