1200 Miles

That is the distance August and I will be driving Friday and Saturday in order to make it to my parent’s house in Kentucky.  1212 miles to be exact.  This will be our 2nd treck to my parents house (the 1st was for Christmas) and I’m SO excited! I truly love going home.  Whoever said “you can’t go home again” was totally full of crap.

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This is the route we will take to the good, old K-Y.  You will note that I am from the very tippy top of Kentucky, basically Ohio.  In Kentucky we refer to ourselves as the “northern Kentuckians” so as to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the state.  We wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re of the Kentuckians who have blue skin or who marry their cousins (I kid, I kid, I truly love my home state and you actually can’t marry your cousin in Kentucky).  Last time August and I drove straight through the night, no stopping except when Eloise was getting car sick.  We left San Antonio at noon and arrived in Kentucky at 8am; and while that was nice it was EXHAUSTING.  So, this trip we’re planning to drive ~10-12 hours tomorrow and finish up the rest Saturday morning.  I guess we’re getting soft in our old age. ;)

If we’re being honest here, the real reason I’m excited to go home is because in March my family got 2 of these…


While Eloise is part goldendoodle she doesn’t have that stuffed animal look about her like true goldendoodles have.  I’m so excited to spend a whole week snuggling Rue and Prim (yes, named after the Hunger Games) and Eloise is never going to want to leave after a week of play time (there will actually be 4 dogs total as my brother’s 3 year old pit bull is also at my parent’s house).

We spent today after work getting everything ready for our big drive.  We had to grocery shop for snacks to have in the car, drop off the rent check at our landlord’s, clean the house, and pack our bags.

Yes, an entire container of Nutella is necessary for a car trip. :)

All of this needs to get squeezed into a suitcase.  One bonus of driving, no worries about bag fees or squeezing things into carry-ons!


We had decided to pick something up for dinner while we were at the grocery store buying snacks.  But of course we could not decide on what to get, I wanted burgers and August wanted steaks.  So, we compromised and got sushi. :) Dinner was a completely random assortment of foods including sushi, bacon wrapped jalapeños, and grilled corn on the cob.

Not the most “normal” meal, but hey, it worked.  Now it’s time to buckle down and get everything ready for the journey tomorrow!

Do you prefer to drive or fly if you have to travel more than a few hundred miles?  Anyone else get really excited about visiting home?  


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3 thoughts on “1200 Miles

  1. I’m more of a flyer than a driver, and yep – I get super excited about visiting home. Sadly, my parents moved not too long ago, so it’s not really “home,” but I still get pumped about visiting them.

    Enjoy the Nutella! ;)

    • I dread the day my parent’s move out of the house I grew up in. I know I’ll still look forward to visiting them but it just won’t be quite the same!

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